In order for SGA to serve as the voice of every bulldog, we need a multitude of voices. The loudest of those are our senators, who advocate on behalf of their academic colleges (college senators) or on behalf of a student group they are appointed to represent (student life senators.) Senators meet weekly on Tuesdays in Senate and Legislative Committees, in addition to serving in leadership positions in many other campus organizations. Every senator is approachable and open to ideas, comments, concerns and questions, so reach out to them!

Senators and their contact information is listed below. Unsure about which college you're in? Contact an at-large senator!

Position First Name Last Name Email
At-Large Senators for Student Affairs George Alexander gia58160@uga.edu
Jonah Brunel jpb92360@uga.edu
Will Campbell wcc14416@uga.edu
Charley Claudio Charley.Claudio@uga.edu
Jan Joho jj99160@uga.edu
Grant Mitchell grm38910@uga.edu
Connor Rahbany Connor.Rahbany@uga.edu
Jimmy Riemer James.Riemer@uga.edu
Rutvi Shah Rutvi.Shah@uga.edu
Andrew Stevens jas22239@uga.edu
Campus Life Senators for Access and Opportunity Jessica Douglas jessdouglas@uga.edu
Allison Fine ajf74001@uga.edu
Campus Life Senator for Community Involvement Ali Elyaman ase82415@uga.edu
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Senator Jackson Williams jlw30421@uga.edu
College of Education Senator Caitlin Franchini cbf58815@uga.edu
College of Engineering Senator Huzefa Husain hih80399@uga.edu
College of Environment and Design Senator Braden Meadows btm89196@uga.edu
College of Family and Consumer Sciences Senator Cara Morrison cfm68220@uga.edu
College of Pharmacy Senator Nimisha Vasandani nv80750@uga.edu
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Senator Vinu Eranezhath vinu.eranezhath@uga.edu
Patrick Femia Patrick.Femia@uga.edu
Rachel Flowers rachelflowers@uga.edu
Kelton McConnell ktm62591@uga.edu
Max Sumner maxsumner@uga.edu
Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication Senator Lily Holmes lfh80435@uga.edu
Odum School of Ecology Senator Hannah Woodward hew78722@uga.edu
School of Public and International Affairs Senator Jess Meaders jessicameaders@uga.edu