In order for SGA to serve as the voice of every bulldog, we need a multitude of voices. The loudest of those are our senators, who advocate on behalf of their academic colleges (college senators) or on behalf of a student group they are appointed to represent (student life senators). Senators meet weekly on Tuesdays in Senate and Legislative Committees, in addition to serving in leadership positions in many other campus organizations.

Senate Press Releases & Statements
Senate Calendar of Events

Running Documents

Senate & Committee Minutes
Appointments & Nominations
Senator Voting Records
Senator Attendance

Who is your Senator?

Find your Senator here. If you are unsure about which college you are in, contact a Senator-at-Large.

Senate Accomplishments

Food for Fines Program 2019
SGA Professional Clothing Closet
Spring Transfer Welcome
$500,000+ in Campus Lighting Improvements
Medical Amnesty Policy

A Guide to Legislation

How to Write Legislation
Legislation Templates

Senate Leadership

President of the Senate

Max Sumner


Office Hours for Fall:


President Pro Tempore

Matthew McDaniel


Office Hours for Fall:

MWF 10:00 AM–12:00 PM

Legislative Staff

Communications Director

Hannah Payne


Communications Inquiries

Outreach Director

Leah Holcomb


Outreach Inquiries

Executive Liaison

Joshua Ng



Senate Committees and Leadership

Committee on Statutes & Procedures

Chair: Patrick Femia

Committee on Campus Safety

Chair: Sam Bryant

Committee on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Chair: Allison Fine

Committee on Educational Affairs

Chair: Tony Thawanyarat

Committee on Student Life       

Chair: Ciera Thomas

Commitee on Campus Services

Chair: Braden Meadows