The key to a successful and fully representative Student Government is transparency. We want the students of the University of Georgia to be fully aware of SGA's actions and legislation. The bills and resolutions that are passed all have an impact on the student body, so it is absolutely necessary that they remain public knowledge and easily accessible. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns surrounding the legislation, please contact Max Sumner, Senate President Pro-Tempore, at maxsumner@uga.edu. 


Resolution 31-01

A Resolution Regarding A Water Bottle Refilling Station in the Jackson Street Building

Bill 31-01 A Bill Regarding a Transition Meeting for Senators
Resolution 31-02 A Resolution Regarding the Installation of a Recycling Dumpster in Greek Park
Resolution 31-03 A Resolution to Encourage Students to Vote
Resolution 31-04 A Resolution to Add a Mental Health Statement to Syllabi
Proclamation 31-01       A Proclamation Regarding Dining Services Raising the Wages of its Student Employees
Resolution 31-06 A Resolution Regarding a Modification to the University Add/Drop Schedule
Proclamation 31-02 A Proclamation in Support of UGA Students with Down Syndrome
Bill 31-02

A Bill Regarding the Senate Minute Posting Policy

Proclamation 31-03

A Proclamation in Support of International Education Week

Proclamation 31-04

A Proclamation Thanking the Facilities Management Division

Proclamation 31-05

A Proclamation to Encourage the Usage of the Office of Sustainability’s Composting Program

Resolution 31-05

A Resolution Regarding Expanding the Course Credit that the University of Georgia Awards for Passage of Various International Baccalaureate (IB) Examinations

Resolution 31-07

A Resolution Regarding a Lighted Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign in East Campus Village

Resolution 31-09

A Resolution to Increase Outreach and Support to Rural Georgia


Timeline for the 2018-2019 Student Body Elections

(Note: For the official timeline and most up-to-date information regarding elections, please click here.)

Amendment 31-01

An Amendment Regarding the Presiding Officer of the Senate

(Note: Amendments shall be ratified by a vote of two thirds of the students voting on the amendment. This will be voted on during the Spring election.)

Resolution 31-12

A Resolution to Offer Resources for Menstruation Across Campus

Resolution 31-14

A Resolution Encouraging the Office of the President to Return to a Full Week Thanksgiving Break for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Resolution 31-15

A Resolution to Implement a Policy in Which Students May Reschedule a Third Test Within a Twenty-Four-Hour Period

Resolution 31-13

A Resolution to Honor and Memorialize Enslaved Peoples at the University of Georgia

Proclamation 31-06

A Proclamation Commending the Installation of a Consumer Composting Bin in the Tate Student Center

Proclamation 31-07

A Proclamation recognizing and commending the College of Environment and Design at the University of Georgia on the occasion of its 50th anniversary; and for other purposes.

Resolution 31-19

A Resolution Regarding A Safe Word Program to Prevent Sexual Assault at Residence Halls

Resolution 31-20 A Resolution Regarding Creation of a Crosswalk Entering Parking Lot W-11
Resolution 31-21

A Resolution Regarding Parking Vouchers for Ramsey Employees

Resolution 31-22 A Resolution Requesting the Posting of Syllabi by Teaching Faculty
Resolution 31-23

A Resolution to Establish an Equal Point System in Intramural Sports

Resolution 31-24

Resolution Regarding A Potential International and Domestic Student Partner Program: “Global Buddies”

Resolution 31-26

A Resolution Regarding Snelling Dining Hours

Resolution 31-27

A Resolution Encouraging the Creation of a Room Occupancy Program or System for the Miller Learning Center Group Study Rooms

Resolution 31-28

A Resolution Regarding the Establishment of a Microwave in the Miller Learning Center

Resolution 31-29

A Resolution Regarding Parking Services Installation of the Food for Fines Program

Resolution 31-30 A Resolution Condemning Racism on Campus
Resolution 31-31 A Resolution Regarding the Institution of a First-Year Grade Forgiveness Policy



To access the legislation passed by previous Senates of the Student Government Association, please see the table below.