For the Student Government Association to operate honestly and effectively, we have a system of checks and balances. The branch that keeps everyone in line is the Judicial Branch, made up of a group of appointed students who epitomize strong character and the pillars of UGA- Wisdom, Justice and Moderation. The Judicial Branch approves constitutional amendments, ensures that the bills passed by Senate adhere to SGA's constitution and is consulted when controversial issues arise. 

Chief Justice

Noora Chandasir

The Chief Justice presides over all meetings of the Supreme Court. They shall present the majority opinion of the Supreme Court, both verbally and in writing, to the Senate without disclosing personal information, including but not limited to health, legal, or academic records.

Associate Justices

Peter Hess
Katie Pitner
Deshawn Jamison
Owen Ozaki
Vanisha Kudumuri
Emily Prosser

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Court Statements

Request for Interpretation Statement
Chair of the First-Year Senator Selection Committee Statement 32-01
  Statement 32-02 with Regards to Bill 32-04
Composition of the Elections Committee  


Have any questions about the responsibilities and/or procedures of the Supreme Court? Click here for an overview. You can also contact Chief Justice Chandasir at yd252016@uga.edu.