Executive Officers

Asim Ahmed, President
Cheryl Kwapong, Vice President
Carson Kuck, Treasurer

Executive Staff

Casey Smith, Chief of Staff
Jack Henry Decker, Attorney General
Shari Roshan, Executive Director of Engagement
Anna Cisse, Executive Director of Communication
Kiersten Hicks, Executive Director of Communication
Grant Mitchell, Executive Director of First-Year Programs

Executive Cabinet

Joelle Gregory, Graphic Designer
Vinson Veal, Photographer
Connie French, Director of Social Media
Uzoamaka Chukka, Resources Liaison
Giselle Fonseca, Resources Liaison
Michael McDevitt, Director of Visibility
Misha UI-Islam, Director of Visibility
Fernanda Flores, Director of Accountability
Patrick Mosely, Director of Accountability
Lindsay Shewalter, Director of Sustainability
Darya Khani, Director of Sustainability
Savannah Simpson, Director of Programming
Kennedy Sims, Director of Programming
Alyssa Mora, Director of Greek Unity
Christina Carlow, Director of Greek Unity
Brandon Marshall, Director of Greek Unity
Zainub Ali, Director of Government Relations
Ramin Zareian, Director of Government Relations
Lydia Medford, Policy Advisor
Tarun Ramesh, Policy Advisor
Anthony Potts, Policy Advisor
Avery Warner, Policy Advisor
Emma Tucker, Policy Advisor
Willie Daniely, Policy Advisor
Jesscia Martin, Director of Forum
Caleb Kelly, Director of Forum
Tayo Akinsanya, Director of Forum
Imani Davis, Director of Connect
Jack Hunter, Director of Connect
Jackson Newton, Director of Connect