Executive Officers

Rachel Byers, President
Melissa Hevener, Vice President
Nav Singh, Treasurer

Executive Staff

Hayden Kolodziejcyk, Chief of Staff
Johanna Mercurio, Executive Director of Student Engagement
Ethan Pender, Attorney General

Executive Cabinet

Nadav Ribak, Director of Government Relations
Andrew Stephens, Director of Government Relations
Eisha Baig, Director of Platform and Programming
Chazz Lezama-Francois, Director of Platform and Programming
Sydney Phillips, Director of Platform and Programming
Casey Smith, Director of Platform and Programming
Ubong Udom, Director of Platform and Programming
SK Lasseigne, Director of First-Year Programs
Grant Mitchell, Director of First-Year Programs
Austin Gibbons, Public Affairs Advisor
Nikki Sharma, Director of Social Media
Tayo Akinsanya, Director of Social Media
Vinson Veal, Creative Director
William Antoniades, Photographer
Terique Mick, Photographer
Ben Nguyen, Videographer
Landon Clark, Director of Academic Outreach
Anderson Felt, Director of Academic Outreach
Luke McCartney, Director of Greek Outreach
Mahathi Mula, Director of Greek Outreach
Alli Norton, Director of Greek Outreach
Justin Tilghman, Director of Greek Outreach
Jody Dinh, Director of International Outreach
Kamsi Ubezonu, Director of International Outreach
Mello Robinson, Director of Multicultural Outreach
Alexis Solis, Director of Multicultural Outreach
Lee Collier, Director of Philanthropy Outreach
Grace Gilbert, Director of Philanthropy Outreach
Sara Ahmed, Director of Religious Outreach
Aaron Fondal, Director of Religious Outreach
Darya Khani, Director of Religious Outreach
Kelly Strachan, Director of Student Employee Outreach
Jeter Long, Director of Transfer and Non-Traditional Student Outreach
Connor Giresi, LGBT Resource Center Liaison
Alpha Smith, Disability Resource Center Liaison
Gabriel Shaber, Student Veterans Resource Center Liaison

Other Appointed Positions

Avni Ahuja, Director of First-Year Forum
Sage Royston, Director of First-Year Forum
TJ Silva, Director of First-Year Forum
Jack Henry Decker, Director of First-Year Connect
Emma Goldsmith, Director of First-Year Connect
Fisayo Oni, Director of First-Year Connect
Anna Glenn Grove, Director of First-Year Senate
Carson Kuck, Director of First-Year Senate
Evan Oliver, Chief Justice