Elected Positions

  • Student Government Association elections are held in the Spring of each year. More information for the 2021 elections can be found under the "Elections" tab, including the timeline and required forms

  • For any questions about elections, please contact Jack Henry Decker, the Attorney General, at JackHenry@uga.edu


These individuals run as a ticket with a candidate for President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Executive members are responsible for weekly meetings with campus administrators, picking and organizing an Executive Cabinet, and serving as the face and decision-making element of the organization.

College Senator

Students interested in this position will serve as the official representative for their college, while also workin in the interest of all undergraduate students. College Senators are responsible for all weekly Senate meetings, meeting with their college administration, and workin on legislation that will bring light to the needs of the campus community. While running on a ticket is permitted, these individuals are voted on individually. 

Campus Life Senator

This is a new position that aims to focus on the key aspects of campus life that are pivotal to the needs of the students. The categories for this position include: Health & Humanities, Community Involvement, and Access & Opportunity. Individuals applying for these positions have the same requirements as College Senators, though instead of meeting with their college administration, they are required to meet with the consituent base in which their seat represents.

At-Large Senator for Student Affairs

The individuals seeking this position will work to advance the greater needs of the undergraduate student body that aren't addressed by the Campus Life Senator position. These individuals will work closely with their Senate constituency, as well as Student Affairs administrators to find viable ways of addressing the needs of the campus community in an efficient way.