UGA Student Government Association
102 U Tate Student Center
Athens, GA 30602


Resolution 31-01A Resolution Regarding A Water Bottle Refilling Station in the Jackson Street Building
Bill 31-01A Bill Regarding a Transition Meeting for Senators
Resolution 31-02A Resolution Regarding the Installation of a Recycling Dumpster in Greek Park
Resolution 31-03A Resolution to Encourage Students to Vote
Resolution 31-04A Resolution to Add a Mental Health Statement to Syllabi
Proclamation 31-01 A Proclamation Regarding Dining Services Raising the Wages of its Student Employees
Resolution 31-06A Resolution Regarding a Modification to the University Add/Drop Schedule
Proclamation 31-02A Proclamation in Support of UGA Students with Down Syndrome
Bill 31-02A Bill Regarding the Senate Minute Posting Policy
Proclamation 31-03A Proclamation in Support of International Education Week
Proclamation 31-04A Proclamation Thanking the Facilities Management Division
Proclamation 31-05A Proclamation to Encourage the Usage of the Office of Sustainability’s Composting Program
Resolution 31-05A Resolution Regarding Expanding the Course Credit that the University of Georgia Awards for Passage of Various International Baccalaureate (IB) Examinations
Resolution 31-07A Resolution Regarding a Lighted Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign in East Campus Village
Resolution 31-09A Resolution to Increase Outreach and Support to Rural Georgia
TimelineTimeline for the 2018-2019 Student Body Elections

(Note: For the official timeline and most up-to-date information regarding elections, please click here.)
Amendment 31-01An Amendment Regarding the Presiding Officer of the Senate

(Note: Amendments shall be ratified by a vote of two thirds of the students voting on the amendment. This will be voted on during the Spring election.)
Resolution 31-12A Resolution to Offer Resources for Menstruation Across Campus
Resolution 31-14A Resolution Encouraging the Office of the President to Return to a Full Week Thanksgiving Break for the 2021-2022 Academic Year
Resolution 31-15A Resolution to Implement a Policy in Which Students May Reschedule a Third Test Within a Twenty-Four-Hour Period
Resolution 31-13A Resolution to Honor and Memorialize Enslaved Peoples at the University of Georgia
Proclamation 31-06A Proclamation Commending the Installation of a Consumer Composting Bin in the Tate Student Center
Proclamation 31-07A Proclamation recognizing and commending the College of Environment and Design at the University of Georgia on the occasion of its 50th anniversary; and for other purposes.
Resolution 31-19A Resolution Regarding A Safe Word Program to Prevent Sexual Assault at Residence Halls
Resolution 31-20A Resolution Regarding Creation of a Crosswalk Entering Parking Lot W-11
Resolution 31-21A Resolution Regarding Parking Vouchers for Ramsey Employees
Resolution 31-22A Resolution Requesting the Posting of Syllabi by Teaching Faculty
Resolution 31-23A Resolution to Establish an Equal Point System in Intramural Sports
Resolution 31-24Resolution Regarding A Potential International and Domestic Student Partner Program: “Global Buddies”
Resolution 31-26A Resolution Regarding Snelling Dining Hours
Resolution 31-27A Resolution Encouraging the Creation of a Room Occupancy Program or System for the Miller Learning Center Group Study Rooms
Resolution 31-28A Resolution Regarding the Establishment of a Microwave in the Miller Learning Center
Resolution 31-29A Resolution Regarding Parking Services Installation of the Food for Fines Program
Resolution 31-30A Resolution Condemning Racism on Campus
Resolution 31-31A Resolution Regarding the Institution of a First-Year Grade Forgiveness Policy