Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

There is 1 open seat and 1 candidate running.

Alejandro Collins

Major: Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Minor: Spanish

How will the student body benefit from your involvement in the Student Government Association?

I think that the student body would benefit from my involvement in SGA because I can be very passionate about my projects. Because I was appointed into Senate later in the semester I was not able to really introduce the legislation I wanted to. With one full semester left and hopefully serving in Senate next year, I hope to accomplish some of my initiatives before I finish my undergraduate degree at UGA.

List and describe three (3) initiatives you seek to complete during your term in office.

1. Improve the sustainability and environmental awareness of UGA's campus. 2. Include dietary restriction labelling on all campus eateries (cafe's and Tate food court), just as it was done in the dining halls. 3. Encourage each college and major to have a class schedule following a course sequence that would allow certain students to have all classes between 8am and 1pm to facilitate athletes, student workers, and other non-traditional students.