Small Club Allocations Forms

The Student Government Association has the ability to allocate funds to smaller clubs and organizations on campus who have expressed their need for financial assistance in regards to putting on programs and traveling. For such an important transaction between SGA and small clubs, there are strict guidelines that outline several requirements the clubs must follow in order to obtain financial assistance.

Below you will find two guidelines. One refers to a small club's request for financial assistance regarding travel. The other refers to a small club's request for financial assistance regarding programming costs. Please be sure to read over the guidelines thoroughly before applying or your request will be denied.

Small Clubs applications be found here

Student Legal Services Form

Student Legal Services is an SGA initiative that works with Athens-area attorneys to provide sound legal advice to students. This SGA program offers UGA students the opportunity to have one free consultation for any current legal matter. Student Legal Services can help with any legal matters in the areas of; criminal, domestic relations, tenants, contracts, wills, estates, property, post-judgment garnishment, auto accident, medical malpractice, other professional negligence. In other areas of law please consult with us.

Everything with Student Legal Services is confidential. You should feel free to discuss with us all aspects of your legal matter. All information is protected by the attorney/client privilege.

NOTE: Student Legal Services are NOT available during Summer semester. You may put in a request and we will contact you once Fall semester begins to see if legal representation is still necessary.

For more information, contact the SGA Director of Student Legal Services, Cole Morton.


Is there a cost to see the attorney? No, this is a free service provided to UGA students.
How long will it take to get an appointment? Every effort is made to schedule appointments in a timely manner.
What are the times that we can schedule appointments? Currently our appointments are on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays but it can vary depending on the availability of our attorneys.
Are there certain cases an attorney can not handle? We cannot handle the following types of cases: 

  • Cases involving the University of Georgia
  • Cases involving another University of Georgia Student
  • Cases already being advised by another attorney

What should I do to prepare for my appointment with the attorney?
Please complete the following steps:

  • Complete the SLS Consultation Request From
  • Confirm your consultation appointment once a time has been emailed to you
  • Bring all pertinent documents (lease, traffic ticket, criminal complaint, etc.) for the attorney to review
  • Be prepared to provide as many facts as possible (names, dates, times, etc.)

Is the information I discuss with the attorney protected by the attorney client privilege? Yes, everything discussed with the attorney is confidential.

Where do we meet for the appointments? Room 102M in the Tate Student Center. 102M is located on the bottom floor of Tate in the Center for Student Activities & Involvement. Please see the information desk for directions.
Can I have a phone consultation? Phone consultations are available only for special circumstances, such as a short deadline or the student's inability to physically attend a consultation. If you feel that you will need a phone consultation, please indicate in the Google form.