Executive Board


Executive Officers

Ammishaddai Grand-Jean, President
Charlene Marsh, Vice President
Destin Mizelle, Treasurer

Executive Staff

Kimani Beckford, Chief of Staff
Chandler Creswell, Deputy Chief of Staff
Dominique Ferrell, Executive Director of Operations


Alan Rosa, Director of Government Relations
Amy Pan, Director of Government Relations
Anshul Banga, Director of Programming
Asim Ahmed, Director of Engagement
Aubrey Gerber, Housing Liaison
Brennon Cox, Director of Engagement
Donovan Harris, Press Secretary
Eddie Jordahl, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Ethan Pender, Chief Implementation Officer
Grace Gilbert, Director of Engagement
Grace Spivey, Athletic Liaison
Haley Kasnic, Housing Liaison
Imane Bassit, Director of Inter-Organizational Council
Juliann Marmal, Sustainability Liaison
Karl Opara, Director of Engagement
Langston Leake, Attorney General
Lottie Smalley, Director of Communications
Magali Lapu, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Melissa Hevener, Director of Social Media
Navdeep Singh, Director of Engagement
Rachel Byers, Director of Engagement
Samira Dani, Director of Programming
Santosh Nimkar, Director of Community Relations
Wesley Tillman, Director of Engagement
Zack Ziegler, Chief Implementation Office

First-Year Programs Leadership

Dara Ogunsakin, Director of Connect
Griffin Hamstead, Chair of First-Year Senators
Isabella Nixon, Director of Forum
Jack Henry Decker, Director of Connect
Keegan Householder, Director of Forum
Lolade Akintunde, Director of Connect
Mitch Hutton, Director of Forum
Yazmarr Williams, Chair of First-Year Senators