General Information

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Student Body Elections! The Student Government Association is the organized voice of the University of Georgia student body and serves as an advocate for the rights, privileges, and concerns of each member of the University of Georgia community. Serving as an elected official in SGA is one of many ways you can have a direct impact on the future success of student life here at the University of Georgia.

Executive Tickets (comprised of a President, Vice President, and Treasurer) are responsible for creating broad initiatives and programs that reflect the desires of student body. Senators are elected to represent the needs and interests of their defined constituency within the University of Georgia student body. You may run for the following positions in the 2021 Student Body Elections:

Executive Officers:

President, Vice President, and Treasurer (elected on an Executive Ticket)

Senate Seats:

At-Large (9)

Campus Life for Health and Humanities (1)

Campus Life for Community Involvement (1)

Campus Life for Access & Opportunity (2)

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (1)

College of Education (3)

College of Engineering (2)

College of Environment and Design (1)

College of Family and Consumer Sciences (1)

College of Pharmacy (1)

College of Public Health (1)

College of Veterinary Medicine (1)

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences (11)

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication (2)

Odum School of Ecology (1)

School of Law (1)

School of Public and International Affairs (1)

School of Social Work (1)

Terry College of Business (8)

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources (1)


Elections Forms

To view all elections forms, governing documents, candidate filings, complaints and hearings, decisions of the Elections Committee, and minutes of the Elections Committee meetings, click here.

Completed forms should be submitted through the Involvement Network and can be found at the links below:

Statement of Intent Form and Senatorial Ticket Affiliation Form

Staff Roster

Financial Disclosure Form

Endorsement Form

Complaint Form

Campaign Identifying Mark Submission



To sign up for a General Candidate Seminar or the Executive Candidate Seminar, click here.


Timeline for the 2021 Student Body Elections

The timeline for the 2021 Student Body Elections can be found here.



For any questions, please email Attorney General Jack Henry Decker, who serves as Chair of the 2021 Elections Committee, at JackHenry@uga.edu