Elections Committee

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee shall be formed in accordance with Article V, Section 6, Paragraph A of the Constitution of the Student Government Association of the University of Georgia. The duties of the Elections Committee are outlined in Chapter 707 of the Elections Code.


Langston Leake, Chair langston97@uga.edu
Aumber Sharma, Member aumber.sharma25@uga.edu
Yazmarr Williams, Member yazmarr.williams@uga.edu
Kaylee Jerman, Member kaylee.jerman25@uga.edu
Vinu Eranezhath, Member vinu.eranezhath@uga.edu 
Chloe Hamby, Member chloe.hamby25@uga.edu


Elections Hearings and Decisions:

Hearing Date Accepted Complaints Decision
2/21/19 Official Elections Complaint 1 Sanction - ACT
2/24/19 Official Elections Complaint 2 Sanction - Empower
3/3/19 Official Elections Complaint 3 Statement


Supreme Court Appeals: 

Hearing Date Accepted Appeals Decision
3/4/19 Empower vs. the Elections Committee (Re: Official Elections Complaint 3)  

Majority Opinion

Concurring Opinion

Dissenting Opinion