Appointed Positions


All appointed positions are chosen by the current administration after elections. In general, appointed members provide guidance in their area of expertise and oversee that particular facet of the organization. Since appointed positions are at the discretion of the administration, the number of appointed positions and titles may vary.


Cabinet works directly with the executive board to ensure effective implementation of the platform, as well as overseeing internal affairs of the organization.

Freshman Programs Staff

Directors, Connect Fellows, and Forum Personal Advisors all fall under Freshman Programs staff. While each role has individual responsibilities, overall they work to help develop a new generation of leaders. There are generally two to three directors for each Freshman Program. Directors oversee the selection process for their respective programs, interact with the students, and manage the program overall. Fellows and Personal Advisors work personally with the students in groups of about 15 and serve as a mentor and are the student's most immediate point of contact.