The key to a successful and fully representative Student Government is transparency. We want the students of the University of Georgia to be fully aware of SGA's actions and legislation. The bills and resolutions that are passed all have an impact on the student body, so it is absolutely necessary that they remain public knowledge and easily accessible. Please find below the legislation passed under the 30th Senate of the Student Government Association.

Resolution 30-01 A Resolution Encouraging the Educational Affairs Committee to Prioritize a Full Week of Thanksgiving Break Over a Later Start Date in its Academic Calendar Proposal
Resolution 30-02 A Resolution Encouraging the Increased Adoption of Free or Reduced Cost Textbooks for Students at the University of Georgia
Resolution 30-03 A Resolution Encouraging the Promotion of the Existing Medical Amnesty Policy as it Applies to Victims of and Witnesses to Sexual Misconduct
Resolution 30-04 A Resolution to Establish Better Lighting Between Creswell and Brumby
Resolution 30-05 A Resolution to Endorse a UGA Spring Welcome Event
Resolution 30-06 A Resolution Encouraging the University’s Dining Services and EITS to Add a Feature on the UGA App Designed to Allow Students to Check their Paw Point Balance and to Ascertain the Number of Remaining Meals on their Plan per Semester
Resolution 30-07 A Resolution to Thank Dean Benjamin Ayers and Terry College of Business
Resolution 30-08 A Resolution to Thank the 2017 University of Georgia Football Team and Senior Players
Resolution 30-09 A Resolution to Establish a Trial Run for an On-Campus Clothing Closet to Provide Free Business Attire for Low-Income Students
Resolution 30-10 A Resolution to Increase Access to and Awareness of the Office of Student Care and Outreach’s “Report A Concern Button”
Resolution 30-11 A Resolution to Increase Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Within Dining Halls
Resolution 30-12 A Resolution to Express the Student Body Concern for Improved Lighting at the Intramural Fields
Resolution 30-13 A Resolution to Thank UGAPD Sergeant Virgil Stephens and the Facilities Management Division for Campus Lighting Repairs
Resolution 30-14 A Resolution Encouraging the University of Georgia to Make a Public Statement about Protecting Admission Statuses of Incoming Students
Resolution 30-15 A Resolution Encouraging the University of Georgia to Establish a Solar Charging Station on South Campus and Implemented into the Design of the New S.T.E.M. Center
Resolution 30-16 A Resolution to Require all Senators to ask their Dean to assist in hosting a Q&A Discussion Panel with the Dean of their College and the College Constituents
Resolution 30-17 A Resolution to Memorialize Enslaved Peoples at the University of Georgia