Please find below the legislation passed under the 30th Senate of the Student Government Association:

Resolution 30-01 A Resolution Encouraging the Educational Affairs Committee to Prioritize a Full Week of Thanksgiving Break Over a Later Start Date in its Academic Calendar Proposal
Resolution 30-02 A Resolution Encouraging the Increased Adoption of Free or Reduced Cost Textbooks for Students at the University of Georgia
Resolution 30-03 A Resolution Encouraging the Promotion of the Existing Medical Amnesty Policy as it Applies to Victims of and Witnesses to Sexual Misconduct
Resolution 30-04 A Resolution to Establish Better Lighting Between Creswell and Brumby
Resolution 30-05 A Resolution to Endorse a UGA Spring Welcome Event
Resolution 30-06 A Resolution Encouraging the University’s Dining Services and EITS to Add a Feature on the UGA App Designed to Allow Students to Check their Paw Point Balance and to Ascertain the Number of Remaining Meals on their Plan per Semester
Resolution 30-07 A Resolution to Thank Dean Benjamin Ayers and Terry College of Business
Resolution 30-08 A Resolution to Thank the 2017 University of Georgia Football Team and Senior Players
Resolution 30-09 A Resolution to Establish a Trial Run for an On-Campus Clothing Closet to Provide Free Business Attire for Low-Income Students
Resolution 30-10 A Resolution to Increase Access to and Awareness of the Office of Student Care and Outreach’s “Report A Concern Button”
Resolution 30-11 A Resolution to Increase Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Within Dining Halls
Resolution 30-12 A Resolution to Express the Student Body Concern for Improved Lighting at the Intramural Fields
Resolution 30-13 A Resolution to Thank UGAPD Sergeant Virgil Stephens and the Facilities Management Division for Campus Lighting Repairs
Resolution 30-14 A Resolution Encouraging the University of Georgia to Make a Public Statement about Protecting Admission Statuses of Incoming Students
Resolution 30-15 A Resolution Encouraging the University of Georgia to Establish a Solar Charging Station on South Campus and Implemented into the Design of the New S.T.E.M. Center
Resolution 30-16 A Resolution to Require all Senators to ask their Dean to assist in hosting a Q&A Discussion Panel with the Dean of their College and the College Constituents
Resolution 30-17 A Resolution to Memorialize Enslaved Peoples at the University of Georgia