Executive Board

Welcome to UGA! We are the Executive Board of the 30th Administration of the Student Government Association and we’re so excited to see what you will bring to UGA. This year’s exec board is comprised of seven individuals, all with different student experiences and passions, who have come together to advocate for YOU. Below, you can learn more about each of us and the positions we hold. We love feedback, so please reach out if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Cameron Keen

Cameron Keen, President

Year: Senior
Majors: Political Science and International Affairs
Hometown: Dublin, GA

Duties: As President, Cameron spends a large portion of his time in meetings with faculty and administrators making sure that student’s voices are heard.  He also represents the students by attending various University functions and events.  He sits on the Executive Committee and a number of others committees and relays information between students and administration.  In regards to SGA specifically, he runs the organization in its capacity as a “student organization” alongside Roya and Kal, signs bills passed in senate, and speaks on behalf of the organization. 

Roya Naghepour

Roya Naghepour, Vice President

Year: Junior
Majors: Political Science and International Affairs
Hometown: Roswell, GA

Duties: Roya's chief role is serving as the presiding chair of Senate. Working with the Legislative Cabinet, Roya oversees the Legislative Branch and ensures the accountability and productivity of senators. Roya also aids in the development and implementation of executive initiatives.

Kal Golde

Kal Golde, Treasurer

Year: Senior
Major: Applied Mathematics, Minor: Computer Science
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Duties: Kal oversees the financial allocations for campus organizations, small and large, granting money to student organizations who need it. He also maintains the internal SGA budget and grants funding to senate's initiatives. Kal serves alongside Cameron and Roya in the development and implementation of executive initiatives

Hudson Tsay, Executive Director of Communications

Year: Senior
Major: Journalism and Political Science
Hometown: Albany, GA

Rachel Keipper

Rachel Keipper, Executive Director of Operations

Year: Junior
Major: Risk Management
Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

Amaan Charaniya

Amaan Charaniya, Executive Director of Student Engagement

Year: Senior
Major: International Affairs and Economics
Hometown: Johns Creek, GA